The Security of Your Love

A poem about The real Love

IMG_5601Look at me, Look pass me But don’t pass me/By, try and see through me/ See in me/Win me, woe me/ But don’t lose me

I’m not easy, not stingy/A bit crazy, moody/ I’m not heartless, or flawless/But hopeless if stood by/Like, try while you walk/And find that nice heart/That simply finds it hard to smile/Back at you nigh

Scared and thinking/What if I break Him/Why would He chose me/How do you stand me/ How? You; kind; fine;nice look at me/ I’d choke you, congest you/Flood you, submerge you/You;you;yes;you/ That i love, honor,endeavour/Tremor, splendor, glamour/ Is that flavours from me/ When your Tenor spores at me/ Me; me; Yes me

I wonder, you’re special/ So wonder-Full and I/ In denial can’t phantom/ Or Reckon the reason/ Of your love/ For my love/ Love insecurities/ Block my fantasies/ My envies, realities/ And certainly my verities

But right now/ Eventhough I ignore how/ I’ll trust you/ I’ll trust God/ Believe you/ Invite you/ Pray for you and love you/Again YOU, you yes you

Since Jesus made us 2 to meet/ Then it should be clear and neat/ For all to see it and eat/Love and pray for it/ Is indeed the end to my love insecurities/ And the beginnings of the series/ Of the remedies I dared believe in

Now willing/I want to do it/Decided to give in/To God, To Jesus, why not/ To Love/ Love, love/ Yes Love AND ALL It’s SECURITIES

Author: Jessica Mbella. SJK.