About us

“Les semeurs juniors” started as a christian band from Cameroon in the early 2000s.The band was founded by Bintou Gado. Over the years, les semeurs juniors got burned with the desire to go far beyond music. “We wanted our music to have a purpose”, says Bintou Gado Peterson, their CEO.
“As we were brainstorming, we realized that music has transformed our lives and we wanted to let others realize it too, that music can help you become a physician, a lawyer, or why not a professional musician. Music helped us achieve our goals and our dreams in life. Today, we are investing our efforts to help others, younger than us to discover their passion. And use their passion to rise up.
We believe that the power that sustained us was the power of the gospel. Therefore, we advocate for the gospel of peace and love. We believe the gospel can transform and make the world a better place.”Since 2004, les semeurs juniors have accomplished a lot. They have trained young africans in discovering their gifts and become respected men and women in their society. With the Noface initiative, “les semeurs juniors” have conducted seminars, workshops and under the tree schools to reduce the illiteracy rate, raise AIDS awareness and encourage self-entrepreneurship among young and unemployed. Les semeurs juniors have also been involved in ministry to people in jail. “Les semeurs juniors” is a non-profit association registered in Cameroon. Member’s contribution are their main resources which is a challenge cause when means are limited, it is difficult to help everyone.
“The task is heavy. And we do not know when it will be done, but by the grace of God, one day, it will be done. We also believe in Hope”, concluded Bintou.

“Our goal is to see nations in Africa worship. In a continent tired of conflicts, famine and poverty, we want to use music and art to shine the light through the Hope the gospel gives us regardless of backgrounds, age and origins.”

Les Semeurs Juniors.