Because Natural is Beautiful !

Dear friend,

IMG_6909You may wonder why a ministry dedicated to the Gospel would take some of its precious time talking about beauty and how to be beautiful.

Nowadays, women tend to compare themselves to Hollywood,Bollywood and Nollywood actresses. With the new technologies, new devices and internet becoming accessible to anyone, all ladies want to look like a famous actress. As we are working with ladies all around Africa, a very few of them find themselves pretty and attractive. A lot of them are depressed after scrolling their newsfeed on Facebook  because they dont have the amount of money necessary to buy beauty poducts that will make them as pretty as the others women they see on social medias.

Our goal is to spread the message of God’s love throughout all nations, starting from Africa. For people to understand that God loves them, we want them to know that God has created beautiful.

Ladies in Africa need to understand that THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL the way they are. God doesn’t make mistakes. He loves you, He loves you the way you are, and if someone really loves you, that person will love your skin, your hair and even your pounds! Depression and inferiority complexes about your appearance are sins that give way to the Enemy in your life.

Therefore, SJK FAMILY is launching a campaign on God’s beautiful creation: “NATURAL IS AMAZING” ! In french, it will be “BELLISSIME AU NATUREL”. We will teach to women that they are created at God’s image. They are loved and they are beautiful, the way they are.

You can follow our “NATURAL IS AMAZING” campaign on our Facebook page and on this website. We want you to be part of that campaign. Please, contact us soon!